When your AC Ampere Compressor Exceeds Maximum Limit

The sign is almost the same as the damage that occurs on the capacitor, if my friend checked the capacitor is good, or replace with a larger size, but the machine still lifting or can be flamed but the sound of a rough machine, you can check ampere by using Clamp Meter (Ampere Clamp) . However, if the problem is too hard for you to repair on your own, perhaps visiting www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ can be a good idea for you.

The way please pinch the Ampere clamp jaw between both cable (-) and cable (+) on the cable shipment in Outdoor. Do not forget to position the Clamp Meter switch on the Ampere Meter position (Usually it is written in letter A), if the number on the Clamp Meter shows the number exceeding the Current (A) limits contained in the air conditioner, the compressor has experienced the name Ampere Tinggi (Weak Compressor ). The solution may be buddy it’s time to replace the new air conditioner.

Tips: The formula to know the Ampere compressor is (Power consumption: Voltage 220 = Ampere).

That’s it for the short info about the air conditioner that we can share with you this time. We hope this tiny bit of info helps you to deal with many problems of your AC.