Tips On Using Grammar In English Conversation

Grammar is hard. English grammar is full of formulas and memorabilia. Grammar is stiff. Confused how to use English grammar in the form of conversational English. These four things become a scourge for grammar learners. So actually, how to use grammar in a conversation? Now to get a more optimal grammar material, it would be better if you follow the English course in a trusted place like you can find on Apart from that, here are some tips on using grammar in English conversation!

1. Mastering at least, 6 Basic Tenses.
They are Present continuous tense, present perfect tense and past continuous tense, simple present tense, simple past tense, and simple future tense.

2. Mastering the Use of Connection (Conjunction).

3. Mastering at least 1000 words for one context of the conversation area

4. Mastering at least “Common Usage in English” Functions, namely:
English Auxiliary
What is BE
What is a Verb?
Irregular & Regular Verb
Question words vs. Interrogative
Basic English sentence form (Nominal & Verbal Sentence)
What are words, phrases, and sentences?