Tips on Painting a New Wall Surface

Painting the walls and parts of the house is an activity that feels so difficult if we do not know how. Mistakes in painting also make wasteful costs required in painting. In order for the painting, the activity can be more easily and efficiently required professional painters like you can find at But if you want to try it yourself, here are some tips!

1. The cement in plaster/concrete must be perfectly dry.
2. The walls to be painted should be checked first in the humidity. Water content should be below 18%
3. Check the alkali level on the wall. To neutralize pH on the wall, you should use Alkali Resisting Primer.
4. When the above preparations have been done, clean the surface of the former cement, dirt, liming, dust, oil and others.
5. Use rough abrasive paper / brush the surface of the wall and clean the dust with clean water. Then dry with a clean cloth.
6. If the surface of the wall is mossy or moldy, wash it with 10% -15% chlorine solutions.