This Is The Amount The Government Prepares To Clean The Sea

The Indonesian sea is known for its natural beauty that amazes many eyes. However, what if the beauty is lost only because of the presence of garbage? You definitely do not want your children will not be able to enjoy the beautiful sea you enjoy now, right? then as a younger generation, you must go to reduce the waste in the sea. To make you aware that the sea is the source of life, you can read it at

The amount of waste in the sea of ??Indonesia makes the government set up funds of USD 1 Billion or equivalent to Rp13, 4 trillion. Ample funds to make the Indonesian sea recover. The government certainly does not want to lose if the sea really will be filled with garbage. If the government is able to exclude and sustain enough to save the Indonesian sea from garbage, do you still want to dump garbage in the sea and ruin the plan? The sea is still home to some of the species you consume daily, such as fish. If the sea is polluted by rubbish, do you want to eat the fish? Try to remember the sea and all life in it, if you can not remember it for this earth, then remember for yourself.