These Three Things Are the Use of Al-Quran For Muslims

Al-Quran as a holy book and guidance for Muslims turned out to have various uses that can be felt by all human beings, especially Muslims. For that reason, many Muslims who take their time to understand and study the Qur’an deeper in order to have a quiet life. Now, to learn the Qur’an, you no longer need to feel difficult because you do not have much time because you can learn it online through You will always be mentored by teachers who have good competence in the field.

There is no doubt that the Qur’an has many uses for mankind, such as

1. Hints For Humans God decreases the holy book of the Qur’an as a guidance of the human race which is also explained in detail in the Qur’an in Surat al-Baqarah.

2. Warning and Lessons for Humans, in the Qur’an much explained the story of the prophet and the believers. Humans can take their story as a guide and a warning in living the life of the world.

3. The Source of Islamic Teachings, many discussions about Islam are described in detail in the Qur’an. It can also be used by humans to always learn about Islam.