The Crisis of Self Identity and It’s Cause

Today, many of our brothers are experiencing a crisis of identity. They do not know what to do, to be principled, to hope and do in the midst of the stream of life that offers them the diversity of mindsets that offer their own ‘truth’. A state often referred to as the Crisis of the True in today’s society. Therefore, if you experience such a thing, it would be better if you immediately come to the right therapist as you can find at to help your problem quickly.

Regardless, the following causes of a crisis of identity often occur!

Feel his life is always arranged
Often we feel our lives are always lived with rules made by others, whether it is our parents, our teachers, the norms of society and religion. The result is growing even rebellion against all the rules, for reasons of identity. We assume that our identity tells NO to all the rules.

Pursuing an award from the environment
It can be said that the environment gives a question to be answered by one’s identity. If someone fails to answer in the best way, then the person will experience a crisis of identity and only pursue the recognition of the values of others who (not necessarily have found his identity) for the rest of his life.

Has a narrow and limited view of life
The quickest way to find self-identity is to search for the flawless truth, not only to look good today but also later until we are greedy. And the key to leading is to let our conscience live and never stop questioning the usefulness of our lives