Roller Blind Operating System

Roller blinds are window blinds to protect the room from excessive sunlight, in general, the selection of roller blinds for those who want a simple, minimalist window blinds singapore because the material is light enough and colorful. The mounted material is a material capable of blocking sunlight up to 90%, blackout able to dispel sunlight up to 100%.

Roller blinds operating system is divided into three, namely:

– Spring flexy stop: This type of roller blinds is operated by pulling pendulum hanging down the center of the roller blinds, the advantage is that if you want to open the window, simply pull up the little pendulum then roller blinds will roll themselves up until the window is fully open.

– Chain: roller blinds with this chain system are operated by pulling the chain to open and close the roller blind on the window.

– One touch (Self Released): roller blinds with this system operated together using a chain but the advantage is when you want to close the window, we draw quite a bit when you want to close the window then the curtain will drop by itself until the window is closed full.