Is tempered glass better than plastic screen protector?

Is Tempered glass screen protector better than the plastic one? You may wonder to ask such this question. If you get no answer from your friends, why don’t you do the little research? There are some things that make tempered glass and plastic screen protector different. Most of you may think about the price range. While it is right that plastic screen protectors are cheaper than tempered glass ones, toughness, feel, look, and the installation also differentiate each of those screen protector types.

Dealing with the installation, the tempered glass is easier to install, especially if you use the quality product. Of course, you still need to clean the screen before installing the screen protector. Since the installation process is not as difficult as the plastic one, you can try it your own. What’s about the toughness? Tempered glass is quite often sturdier than plastic at a similar cost. Plastic defenders, particularly the shoddy models, likewise get scratched effectively, not at all like glass ones.