How to deal with provocating news

Some news out there can be quite risky to trust berita tangsel . Some can trick you, some may make you lose your awareness of the things that really going on, while some other may make you become triggered. What we mean with getting triggered is that you’re getting emotionally frustrated or angry by the news that they’ve shared online. They’re the people who will get some profits by dividing the people of some countries. That’s why it’s only recommended for you to trust the reliable and legal news site like berita tangsel.

The first thing that you must do when you read a provocating news is calming yourself down. Sometimes, a news may be made as a bait. It may spark the fire of a conflict among the people, and they’re usually bringing the racists or religious aspects for as its main topic. Then you should check its source as well. If it’s not originating from a credible news network, you can consider it as 100% hoax news.