Here Are Some Facts About Tooth Whitening You Should Know

Having white teeth is still a dream of many people. They assume with white teeth can increase their confidence and affect their dental health. however, you need to know that the teeth whitening procedure cannot be done by everyone. One that can do it is the cosmetic dentist Albuquerque. Your teeth whitening should be in accordance with the procedure and performed by an expert doctor.

Some facts about this tooth whitening should you know:

1. Can be done at home
Tooth whitening is actually doing it at home in an easy way, you can use a peroxide-based bleach gel that can be applied to the tooth surface. Whitener teeth containing abrasive substances that help remove stains.

2. Not For Everyone
Tooth whitening cannot be done by those who have these characteristics:
– Pregnant and lactating mothers
– People who have sensitive teeth
– People who are allergic to peroxides
– Children or teenagers under 16 years of age
– And people who have cavities.