Headphone Specifications to Consider

When it comes to choosing the right headphone for you, it might not be as easy as it seems. You will be able to find out so many headphones on the market even only in one top studio headphones list. That is why you have to be able to choose the right one for you among all of those headphones.

There are several things that you certainly need to consider in order to choose the right headphones for you and one of the things to consider is the specifications of the headphones. So, here are what you need to know about each of the specifications of headphones:

a. Frequency
The ability of headphones in response to the frequency of sound waves. Example: 6,000 Hz – 28.000 Hz. Good headphones have a large frequency range, the wider the better the range. The lower the lower frequency the better because the headphones can play low-frequency sound. In addition, the higher the higher the frequency the better. There may be some voices that have not been heard so far.

b. Impedance (obstacles)
For Impedance, the bigger it is not necessarily the better or the other way around. However, it can be customized to our taste. Ordinary Headphones have impedance> = 32 ohms.

c. Sensitivity
Headphone sensitivity is indicated by the word SPL (Sound Pressure Level) in units of mW (milliWatt) or if the packaging is written directly as decibel. Example: 114 dB. From here, you can find out how loud the sound can be issued by a headphone. The bigger the number the harder the sound, so you do not need to increase the volume of your music player. But still, have to be careful because with a large number can interfere with our hearing function even permanent hearing damage. Be safe, look for headphones that have <85dB sensitivity. But most now on the market, the headphone sensitivity is> 100 dB.