Best Autobiography Movie

Autobiography is the story of one’s life, its success contains many values of struggle, sacrifice, love, success and other moral lessons. Stories from biopic films are always a source of inspiration for us in looking at life. Here are many real moving stories that deserve to be emulated, but we must also understand that being filmed may be far from reality, can be more or less, because every movie must have spice in dialogue and conflict. Only a few may be close to the original, such as characters that include the way the main character speaks, the way he walks, his temper to others. But for the way he thinks and solves problems may be different.

The difference with the original character in the biography depends on the extent to which the director’s observations or scenarios on each of the problems faced by the main character, if any under conditions a how the reaction and solution of the character, when confronted with circumstances b how he dealt with it, and this refers to the real problem in the real world or experiences experienced by the main character. After the director understands, live deepening of characters by actors, some of which we think should give thumbs up are those who played in Malcolm x, WikiLeaks, Stephen Hawkings’s movie. Visit our bioskop online website and watch this movie.