Things to Do When Selecting Hajj and Umrah Agent

So, what things should you know before making a decision to leave for Hajj to the holy land? Are you considering a package that you can easily get by accessing Just like choosing an agent for your travel trip to any place in the world, choosing Hajj and Umrah agents is not as easy as people say. You may have special consideration when choosing one of the best out there.


What do you already know about Arbain and Non-Arbain programs? Arbain is a program that allows you to stay more than eight days in Medina, while Non-Arbain is a program that allows you to stay a few days in Medina, and the rest live in Makkah. Make sure the travel agent you choose has both. With so many things you should know, make sure you won’t rush into making the best decision which will impact on your worship